Fil means thread in Catalan and represents the essence of what we strive to be: the common thread that conceptualises, designs, customises and organises high-value tourism experiences. We focus all our efforts on ensuring that your itineraries are:

  • Friendly and with a human touch: with local hosts
  • Surprising and unexpected
  • Customised
  • Designed to enjoy, to relax, to feel
  • Healthy
  • Safe: experience and professionalism
  • In a word, unforgettable

Susana Basols
Susana Basols
Whenever I’m ready for a new adventure I find the counterpoint in reading and yoga. Living in Girona and Empordà is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me
Cristina Bubé
Cristina Bubé
Enthusiastic, full-of-life and curious, I like learning about people, travelling, the sea, meditation and riding my bike

How do we do it?

These are our principles

Authenticity / Quality / Innovation / Creativity / Excellence / Customisation / Sustainability / Responsible tourism / Emotional and ecological intelligence / Commitment / Trust / Professionalism / Know-how / Connecting people, Building connections / Experiences with soul

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