16 Oct 2019


We have all read in specialized magazines about new trends concerning incentive and convention activities. But the organizers know that there is a demand that never fails: the one related to the world of wine. Wine and gastronomy never go out of style, but our clients call for new approaches and dynamics, which connect the experience to the destination.

Wine production is quite similar in European countries and everywhere is affected by the type of soil, the climate, the grape variety ... But there is one thing that is unique in each place, this singularity is featured by our proposal: the Wine Trail.

The activity is divided into three authentic experiences: a visit to a centenary winery, a hiking route between vineyards and a visit to a new generation winery.

For starters we are going to visit a winery with 200 years of history. We will meet the third generation of a family that lives from working off the land, from the sale of their products in the markets and also from the wine they produce. We will only give you a hint of what you are going to see: the wine is made through a process of natural fermentation in barrels that are more than a 100 years old!

After we have done the tasting, we will set off on a route that crosses vineyards, goes through ancient ruins and up a hill from which the sea and the valley of vineyards can be seen.

Finally, we will visit an iconic winery of modernity and technological production. Winner of the prize for the best white wine in Spain, this winery produces medium-high quality wines that are exported to the whole of the world.

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